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Image by Sergei Shershen


Our belief

Personal commitment is the most important prerequisite for a good work result.
This also applies to combating the climate crisis and it is therefore essential that we are all aware of the personal consequences of global warming and actively counteract them.


The Corona Pandemic shows what the global community is capable of if we join forces. The same is required with the climate crisis, we have to work collaboratively and implement best practices together on a large scale.

Christian & Yvonne Schwehm

In order for us to be successful, it is important that we focus our efforts on the areas with the greatest potential:


  1. Everyone should exhaust the opportunities to avoid emissions through reduction, sharing and recycling in their sphere of action  

  2. The production and use of goods must become more resource-efficient through technological innovation, the use of renewable energies and the rethinking and changing of processes 

  3. New solutions for efficient CO2 storage make it possible to reduce the current greenhouse gas pollution  


The stakeholder carbon footprint offers the opportunity to prioritize actions together. Try it!



With my experience and contacts from 20 years of portfolio management at DWS, ACATIS and QUONIAM, I would like to make a sustainable contribution to climate neutrality with Calcolution. 

My business mathematics studies, the development of three investment platforms and project experience from agile teams are the cornerstone for a successful implementation.  

We all know that we have to move from talking to action, for this we have to convince the decision-makers. In my professional life I have often seen how organizations get in their own way and how endless rounds of voting destroy motivation. With Calcolution I would like to offer a way to discuss individual goals and to find a common solution. The exchange of experiences and the sharing of successful concepts is the chance to overcome the climate crisis.



As a communication designer and photographer, I work at Calcolution alongside my husband and translate complex issues into an easy-to-understand, appealing visual language.


The visual implementation of the complex topics we deal with challenges me and I am proud to be able to counteract climate change with Calcolution and thus to enable our 3 children to have a better future.

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